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品質管理部長(東莞市)【経験者必見!】 ID:11093

Job Description ・日本から来られるお客様へものづくりの工程や不良を出さないための仕組み、工場のルールなどを説明
Required Qualifications ・縫製雑貨業界の経験をお持ちの方
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000CNY 〜 23,000CNY
Location China(Main Land),Guangzhou,Location

Registered Lift/Escalator Engineer(HK Island) ID:11012

Job Description - This company provides Lift and Elevator
- Engineer join in project for installation, maintenance, test etc...
- 1 team consists of be 1 engineer and 3 - 5 technicians.
- we import all machine and equipment from overseas
- We have some service office in all Hong Kong
-Lead Annual Testing Team to perform test & examination for lifts & escalators;
-Explain test procedures and results to EMSD / HKHA engineers or inspectors;
-Carry out incident investigation and report;
-Prepare relevant Quarterly Test Reports and Annual Test Reports, etc.;
-Reply enquiries from EMSD/ HKHA, if any;
Required Qualifications Language: Cantonese and English
Education Background: Degree in mechanical or electrical field preferable
Experience: more than 3 years of experience in similar industry
Require skills:Registered Lift/Escalator Engineer
Certificate: Registered Lift/Escalator Engineer
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000HKD 〜 40,000HKD
Location Hong Kong,East District,Location

All2 (1〜2 )