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Property Agent (Japanese Speaker) ID:10588

Job Description - Find flat or office and property Sales to Japanese people and Japanese company.
- Issue all contract and after-care.
- Assist native Japanese to negotiate owner and translate.
- Basically handle existing client, developing client is handled by Native Japanese.
- Showed salary is basic salary, it will be 20K - 30K per month including commission probably、commission is not guaranteed
- You need to work on weekend if necessary and compensatory leave is provided
Required Qualifications Nationality: Hong Kong
Language: N1Japanese, Cantonese, English and Chinese
Education Background: Doesn't matter
Experience: More than 2 years of sales experience in any industry
Require skills: Licence holder for property agent (Salesperson's Licence) is preferred but not necessary
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000HKD 〜 16,000HKD

Property sales ID:10104

Job Description 工作內容:

- 銷售對象主要為日本人及日資公司
- 銷售高峰期為3 - 4月
- 無須主動尋找新顧客,因大部分顧客都由公司安排
Required Qualifications 員工要求:

- 操流利廣東話、英語及日語
- 多於1 - 3年銷售或租務經驗
- 有地產經驗
- 必須持有地產經紀牌
- 日語能力試驗N2或以上,如日語能力達商業日語程度,則不需資格證明
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000HKD 〜 10,000HKD
Location Hong Kong,Central and Western District,Location

All2 (1〜2 )